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practice exam 2 key - BSC 2010 EXAM TWO Instructor Phelps...

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BSC 2010, EXAM TWO FORM B Instructor: Phelps Date: October 14, 2005 There are 40 questions on 8 pages. You will have 50 minutes to complete all questions. No extra time will be granted. Please check to make sure that all pages are present, intact, and in the correct order. Please mark your answers on the exam, as well as on the scantron sheet, in case there are any problems. PRINT AND SIGN YOUR NAME . Good luck! Name ________________________________________ GatorID _______________________________________ Questions 1-34, recall and comprehension MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Where is it likely that you will find the receptor molecules for hydrophilic chemical signals? A) in the interstitial fluid surrounding target cells B) in the nucleus of target cells C) in the cytoplasm of target cells D) in the cell membrane of target cells E) associated with the DNA of target cells 2) Only certain cells in the body are target cells for the steroid hormone aldosterone. Which of the following is the best explanation for why these are the only cells that respond to this hormone? 3) The hypothalamus controls the anterior pituitary by means of 4) All of the following are steroid hormones except 5) Which of the following hormones is incorrectly paired with its function?
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A) thyroxine lowers metabolic rate B) luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates testosterone secretion C) follicle stimulating hormone causes the maturation of a follicle D) epinephrine increases glycogen breakdown E) cortisol impairs the immune response 6) Hormone X produces its effect in its target cells via the cAMP second messenger system. Which of the following will produce the greatest effect in the cell?
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