vocabulary chapters 1-10

vocabulary chapters 1-10 - 1 Vocab by chapters PART 1...

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1 Vocab by chapters. PART 1: PRECURSORS OF THE RENAISSANCE. CHAPTER 1 THE 13 TH CENTURY - patrons : patronage, who commission work of art - classical : (1) style of ancient Greece from c. 4450-c. 400 b.c. (2) used more generally to refer to Greek and Roman antiquity. - gothic : referring to the European style that immediately preceded the renaissance in western Europe. It generally includes the mid- 12th through the 16th centuries, depending on the region. - naturalistic : naturalism= representation of things as they appear in nature. - 3-dimensional : a form that has height, width, and depth. -symmetry : type of balance which forms are arranged as mirror images of each other on either side of a central axis. - hellenistic: style of Late Greek antiquity, approx 323 b.c-a.d 31 -byzantine : (1) name of style prevalent in parts of europe n mid east frm 6 th – 15cen. (2) empire with its capital at Constantinople, now Istanbul, in modern Turkey. -mosaic : medium which the artist uses small colored tiles, tesserae , to create an image, usually on floor, wall, or ceiling. -two-dimensional : height + width but no depth -frontal : frontality, facing front linear: having the quality of line. Basilica : large, oblong roman building with a nave and sides aisles used for administrative purposes. Adapted to the structure of Early Christian churches. Nave: central aisle of a church or Roman basilica Side aisles: the passageway on either side of the nave in church or cathedral. Cathedral: literally, “seat of a bishop”; main church of a district under supervision of a bishop. (Roman) forum: open of square of ancient Roman Town consisting of temples, markets, and administration buildings. -monumental : monumentality: very big or having the appearance of very big. -apse: a projecting, usually curved section of a - Romanesque : style in western Europe that preceded Gothic, roughly dating frm yr 1000 to mid-12 th cen. -round arches: a semicircular arch arch: a curved architectural feature that spans and opening. - barrel vaults: vault made by the extension of a round arch, which resembles half a barrel or the inside of a tunnel, aka tunnel vault. -baptistery: a Christian building, usually round or octagonal, where baptisms are performed. -Mannerist : mannerism: 16 th cen style in western Europe. -style: a characteristic manner or type of representation. -plasticity: quality of 3-d volume. -gold leaf: thin hammered gold applied to paintings for decorative purposes; also the ground in certain Byzantine renaissance painting. ground: surface of a support prepared for painting. pp.10. -iconographic
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vocabulary chapters 1-10 - 1 Vocab by chapters PART 1...

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