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Ingberman 1 Stan Ingberman Mike Wright English 111 Essay 4 Final Draft December 5, 2007 Sniped As residents of Solon, Ohio look around town they see many things like houses, restaurants, stores, and people which all seem to be multiplying by the day; however, one thing they do not see a lot of anymore is deer. Starting on February 15, 2005, the city implemented a plan to reduce the population of approximately 1200 deer, 50 per square mile, to a number of 600. Those in opposition to the plan were animal rights activists, both residents and outside groups, claiming that ideas such as contraceptives, fencing, wolf urine, special reflectors to deter deer from crossing roads, deer repellants, and garden plants unpalatable to deer were all better means of dealing with the problem. In October of 2004 the Solon City Council approved a plan to hire sharpshooters with high-powered rifles to snipe deer as they fed on corn bait. The plan was to be employed in February and continue for six weeks (Solon Will). The goal: reduce the current population of about 1200 to 600. City Council initially agreed to fork over $500,000 over two years to White Buffalo Inc., a nonprofit wildlife research company based in Connecticut that oddly enough also offers sharpshooting (Solon Will). The rifles would be equipped with sound-reducing mufflers and the sharpshooters were told not to shoot if they see any humans nearby. The meat, about 40 pounds per deer, would be donated to local food banks.
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Ingberman 2 Police Chief Wayne Godzich argued that the police department could handle the deer population for a mere fraction of the cost of White Buffalo Inc. Concluding that sharpshooting poses too great of a danger to residents, he suggested that the police department capture the deer using traps, and use a penetrating captive bolt gun to murder them. The special gun would use either compressed air or gunpowder to release a four-inch solid steel rod into the forehead of the trapped deer (Solon May). The rod would then retract back into the gun making it reusable. This tactic has not been widely used in communities. Godzich proposed using $2,000 clover traps, consisting of frames covered by nets, to trap the deer (Solon May). The cost of all the equipment needed would be roughly $14,000. Adding $7,000 for labor, the total cost of the plan would be approximately $21,000, $479,000 less than the estimate from White Buffalo Inc (Solon May). The meat would still be donated to local food banks.
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Essay 4 Final Draft - Ingberman 1 Stan Ingberman Mike...

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