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Stan Ingberman Music 101 November 13, 2007 1A vs. 2B The first piece is one from the Classical Era by Joseph Haydn. This piece has a lot of form and function, balance and proportion, and clarity and accessibility. It is a reaction to the complexities of the Baroque Era. The melody is clear and easy to remember with 2 or 4 measured phrases. It also has definite cadences. The harmonic texture is homophonic and there is no longer a Basso Continuo. The piece also has crescendos and decrescendos. Haydn is often considered the father of the string quartet. It is similar to the trio sonata except there is no Basso Continuo and the viola replaces the harpsichord. This piece is also written in concerto form. It is similar to the sonata except it only has 3 movements, fast then slow then fast again. It utilizes a full orchestra with separate soloists. The 3 rd movement is equal to the 4 th of the sonata, using ABABA where A is the orchestra and B is the soloists. The second piece is once from the Romantic Era by Frederick Chopin. This music is very
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