Essay 1 Final Draft - Ingberman 1 Stan Ingberman Mike...

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Ingberman 1 Stan Ingberman Mike Wright English 111 Essay 1 Final Draft October 17, 2007 I Have a Dream Imagine you’re a child and all you ever wanted to do was to play professional basketball. You spend hours every day perfecting your shot, working on your ball skills, and running to stay in shape. You want to be the best ever and to hell with anyone who is going to stop you. Now, it’s your freshman year of high school; you start varsity and blow away the competition. You’re the best the school has ever seen. Now it’s your senior year. Each and every day a new letter comes with a scholarship offer from the best schools in the land, including one from the national powerhouse. You play for them and thrive with your work ethic, skills, and determination. You’re too good for college. After your freshman year you go pro, first pick in the draft, and you have an amazing career. This is it. It’s happening. This is your dream. This is your passion. This is why you never stopped working for a single day in your whole damn life. You have become everything you ever wanted to be. But wait, there’s a problem. You’re Jewish, and so are your kids. You grew up in a time when anti-semitism wasn’t too bad, and you were able to achieve. Now Jews are having trouble getting into good schools or getting good jobs. What do you do? You’re stuck. Everything you worked your ass off for is in the palm of your hand. However, what are your kids going to do? They won’t have the same opportunity to make something of themselves as you did. So this is what it comes down to. You can stay where you are and keep living your dream and hope that
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Ingberman 2 things change, or, on the other hand, you can pack everything up and move your family halfway
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course ENGL 111 taught by Professor Wright during the Winter '08 term at Columbus State Community College.

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Essay 1 Final Draft - Ingberman 1 Stan Ingberman Mike...

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