07 - THE REUNITED COUPLE Han P'ing She wanted to kill...

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THE REUNITED COUPLE Han P’ing She wanted to kill herself after her husband died. To ensure she can commit suicide, she made sure her cloth was rotting so that when they hold onto her clothes to try save her, she would still fall off the building and die. [book for detail] King Kong abducted Han P’ing’s wife and sent him off. Since the king failed to save Han’s wife, he refused to bury the couple together out of spite. However, heaven took pity for them and had trees grow by their graves that branched out towards each other, and roots tangled. 2 mandarin-duck (faithful to one another through life)?! Yuan-yang call to each other, live on trees. [spirits of the couple manifest in the nature] love tree with red fruit [symbol of love] origin of symbols (tree, mandarin ducks etc) Heaven endorses couple. Shows that after their death by signs to encourage others. Heaven’s approval of their relationship Chiang Hsing-ko (Te) Devotion Chiang’s father married into Lo’s family for business associations. Not wanting to inflict jealousy, he would tell others that Chiang is a son of the Lo family. he became known as Master Lo. [foreshadowing— giving info as hint for further story development] After his father died, he got engaged to a girl named Wang San-ch’iao. One night, a star seemed to have crossed the milky way and to join another star. Cow-herd and weaving maid (daughter of King of Heaven) they were married but separated by King of Heaven to live on opposite sides of the earth. For one night every year, cow-herd would reunite with the weaving maid (moving star). Special night for Chinese, symbol of love. San-ch’iao was born on that night. Hsing-ko had to go to the south to collect debt for his business and family. He had to go for a year. He told her that he would be back when the tree buds again before her birthday. He wanted her not to appear outside or display herself at windows etc. she then waited for his return. He fell sick during the trip and it took a long time for him to recover. Serious delay of trip but there was no way he could communicate with San-ch’iao. He could either go home to make the date he promised San-ch’iao, or stay behind to make money and collect the debts. He chose the latter. She was expecting him and became anxious when she didn’t see him even though the tree has budded. Out of anxiety, she went to the front of the house and looked out the window down the street for her husband. She violated her manners only out of devotion for her husband. She had then exposed herself to public attention. She spotted a man who looked like his husband, and gazed fondly at him thinking it was him. Turned out the man was not her husband, but a man called Ch’en Ta-lang. he fell in love with her instantly. She looked away when she realized he wasn’t her husband but it was already too late.
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07 - THE REUNITED COUPLE Han P'ing She wanted to kill...

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