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People and Dates Aristotle St. Augustine Thomas Aquinas Roger Bacon Francis Bacon Copernicus Galileo James Usher John Ray Linnaeus Buffon Hutton Cuvier Lyell Lamark Darwin Asa Gray Ernst Haeckel William Jennings Bryan Clarence Darrow John Scopes Ian Barbour http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/history/evotmline.html 1. What is the difference between science and scientism? (Review the article by Eugenie Scott.) 2. Distinguish between the scientific and colloquial use of the word "theory". 3. Differentiate between science and pseudoscience. 4. How does the scientific method differ from other forms of inquiry? 5. Give some examples of applied biology. (Chapter 1 Purves) 6. What is evidential reasoning? 7. When was the age of theology? 8. What are 6 major evolutionary events that are important for understanding the characteristics of life? (Chapter 1 Purves) 9. Use the example of the history of the earth on a 30 day calendar to describe the timing of the major events that have occurred in the history of life. (Fig 1.3 Purves) 10. Define biological evolution and describe the ideas Darwin's used to develop the theory of descent with modification. 11. Explain how the principle of gradualism and Charles Lyell's theory of uniformitarianism influenced Darwin's ideas about evolution. 12. Describe when and where Darwin traveled on the Beagle. 13. Describe how Charles Darwin used his observations from the voyage of the HMS Beagle to formulate and support his theory of evolution. 14. What is artificial selection? 15. Explain how natural selection works and leads to evolution of a species. 16. Distinguish between artificial selection and natural selection. 17. Describe how Alfred Russell Wallace influenced Charles Darwin.
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Evolution_test_review - People and Dates Aristotle St....

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