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Eukaryotic Linkage and Mapping

Eukaryotic Linkage and Mapping - Eukaryotic Linkage and...

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Feb 12, 2008 Eukaryotic Linkage and Mapping I. In chickens - Rose, Creeper X Single, Normal Rose is dominant over single. There’s a gene that controls bone growth. The cross: A dihybrid Rose, Creeper (RrCc) is crossed with a homozygous recessive single normal (rrcc). The single normal would produce all rc gametes. The rose creeper should produce four diff gametes, RC, Rc, rC, and rc in equal numbers. A. The data not all equal at all. B. Chi-squared 2144.9 with 1 degree of freedom. These genes are not assorting independently. C. The concept of linkage These 2 genes must be associated with each other such that the R and C alleles and r and c alleles are being transmitted together. This is called linkage. R-C, r-c, r-c, r-c If the 2 genes are being inherited as a group, then how did we get gametes that had R and c and r and C? Crossing over… If a crossover occurred between the R and C genes, the result would be a gamete with R and c and another gamete with r and C. D. Crossing over 2 important principles relating to crossovers that we must understand: II. Crossovers A. The relationship between distance and rate of crossover the farther apart the two genes are, the more likely they are to crossover; the closer together 2 genes are, the less likely they are to crossover.
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