gene interactions and pedigree analysis

gene interactions and pedigree analysis - and Feb 5...

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Jan 29 , 2008 and Feb 5 Drosophila, Pedigrees and Gene Interactions Pedigrees Pedigrees help decipher genetic disorders Males=squares Females= circle Mating line connects 2 together and then goes down to tell children (in order of birth) Dizygotic (nonidentical twins Monozygotic (identical twins) Unknown sex= diamond shape *Albinism- the reduction in the ability to produce the normal amount of melanin *Traits that skip generations are RECESSIVE! ( 2parents of 1 phenotype having a child of a diff phenotype) DOMINANT= do not skip a generation-equal number of males and females Probability=not covered yet Thomas Hunt Morgan- most imp geneticist of 20 th century. -1 st to use Drosophilia Populated the use of the fruit fly for genetics Note: a chromosome is a string of genes I. Advantages of using Drosophila A. Grow well in lab B. Small Size 2-3mm in length C. Short life cycle of 10 days at room temp. D. High fecundity female lays 400-500 eggs Contribution to genetics: basic principles of heredity, mutation research, chromosome variation and behaviorm population genetics… etc. II. The Drosophila symbol system A. The concept of the wild type "+" a normal fly- as in out in the wild B. Designation of mutant forms only used letters to designate mutations 1. Recessive - lower case letters 2. Dominant - upper case letters C. Designation of chromosomes III. Specific examples A. Curly wings dominant B. Lobe eyes incomplete dominance C. Vestigial wings and sepia eyes independent assortment D. Spineless aristapedia and eyeless
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gene interactions and pedigree analysis - and Feb 5...

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