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FACTORS TO CONSIDER IN PRESENTING GRAND JURY CASES Guy Ormes A. FACTORS MAKING AN INDICTMENT ATTRACTIVE: 1. Good vehicle for multiple defendant/multiple attorney cases, especially if delayed in Municipal Court due to continuances of the Preliminary Hearing. 2. Expedites cases to Superior Court for trial. 3. Avoids Municipal Court entirely where defendant has not already been charged at the time of the indictment. 4. Allows questioning of reluctant or non-cooperating witnesses. 5. Avoids detailed cross examination of a sensitive witnesses, while permitting DA to observe how the witness testifies. 6. Provides the prosecutor with jurors’ insights on the case prior to trial, through the questions posed by jurors during the witnesses’ exam. 7. Can lessen pretrial publicity in major cases by sealing the transcript (very rare). 8. As the hearing occurs with no public notice, can be useful in a high security case (organized crime or public corruption, for example), a case where the suspect may flee, or a case where
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