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1 January 2, 1996 GRAND JURY CHARGE Following the swearing in by Clerk of the Court. Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. During this selection and screening process, you certainly have been apprised on any number of occasions of the nobility of the position you have now assumed, the responsibility that attaches to it. That responsibility is not simply a self-imposed one. Legal responsibilities also come with the position of Grand Juror. As a result, you are charged by law at this time with that responsibility. The charge is a lengthy statement to each of you. And I would suspect that all of you will listen. Not all of you will remember everything that is said at this moment in time. And the charge in fact will be available to each of you in writing as you continue in your obligations as grand jurors. Ladies and gentlemen, now that you have been impaneled and sworn, you now constitute the Grand Jury for (fiscal year). You have been selected based on your ability, your integrity, and your fairness. I have confidence in you and anticipate that you will discharge your duties with distinction. Membership upon a Grand Jury is a position of high honor and great responsibility it calls for diligence, impartiality, patience, courage, and the exercise of calm and considered judgment. Your official actions should exemplify that dignity and sound judgment which characterizes the true administration of justice. Our law defines the Grand Jury as a body of persons, nineteen in number, from the citizens of the county, sworn to inquire into public offenses committed and triable within the county. The Grand Jury is an investigative part of the court created for the protection of society and the enforcement of law. It is not a separate political body nor an individual entity of the government, but
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2 it is part of the judicial system and as such each of you as a grand juror is an officer of this court. Your specific duties and powers later will be explained in detail. But generally speaking, you will look into the commission of crimes and corruption in public office and investigate certain phases of county government. The Grand Jury must under every circumstance occupy a position of impartiality. You have the duty of diligent inquiry to assure that persons who have perpetrated crimes will be brought to justice. At the same time, you represent one of the chief blocks against the unjustified prosecution of crime. In the investigation of the conduct of public office, you must proceed fairly and impartially in order to protect public officials from unjustified harassment as well as to expose fearlessly all corruption and misconduct of office which may be disclosed. In this state, a felony may be prosecuted either by an information filed by the District Attorney or by an indictment found by the Grand Jury. You will find that the District Attorney conducts the prosecution of the vast majority of the felonies by filing an information. When a complaint is presented to you by persons other than law enforcement officials, I would suggest that
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Charge+to+jurors+1996 - January 2, 1996 GRAND JURY CHARGE...

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