advertising to the vulnerable midterm

advertising to the vulnerable midterm - Legal marketing is...

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-1 Legal marketing is considered morally right when the people companies are marketing to are considered to be competent and can independently make good decisions on their own. However the trend of marketing to vulnerable people seems to be a problem that is growing pretty rapidly. The main idea of George Brenkert’s argument is that marketing to someone with the intention of taking advantage of a their vulnerabilities with an advertisement is unethical, morally wrong, and unacceptable. Brenkert feels like their needs be some sort of policy in place that holds marketers responsible for advertisements that play on and are directed toward vulnerable people. The line for what makes an individual vulnerable is very thin and very arguable, so Brenkert sums up what he considers to be a vulnerable individual in three accurate ways . A vulnerable individual is one who has a condition that impedes the persons ability to be considered a normal person to market to. The next two things that he considers to make an individual vulnerable is when a person is less able to protect their interest, and when a person has vulnerabilities that make them subject to harm. In his argument he claims all vulnerable people fall into one of the following four categories which describes them as either physically, motivationally, socially, or cognitively vulnerable. Brenkert also says that marketing to young children is wrong in any circumstance and should be made illegal by the government. Brenkert believes that consumers in which companies should be legally
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advertising to the vulnerable midterm - Legal marketing is...

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