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business ethics paper 2 - David Warden Philosophy 243...

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-1 David Warden 02/08/08 Philosophy 243 Section 020 Word Count 406 “Employment at Will and Due Process.” By Patricia H. Werhane and Tara J. Radin “Summary” Where do you draw the line for what is fair for both employees and employers? Balancing the two can be a very difficult task for anyone. Both companies and government struggle with this aspect on practically a daily basis. The best system that has been invented to deal with this is the employment at will system which gives equal rights to all those involved. However, the EAW system comes with great controversy that is addressed in this article. The article examines two concepts that fit hand in hand on the issue. The two concepts are employment at will( I will refer to this as EAW) and due process. EAW is based on that both the employee and the employer have equal rights. The employer can fire the employee without a specific reason, but the employee can also quit whenever he or she pleases without warning (pg.113). The EAW system is what is traditional and used
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