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-1David Warden 02/21/08 Philosophy 243 Section 020 Word Count 396 “Ethics in Auditing: The Auditing Function.” By Duska and Duska “Summary” Where is the line drawn for what is proper conduct in accounting and what is considered as unethical conduct? An accountant’s main responsibilities are to be accurate and independent while also being unbiased toward the company their working for and the people they represent. The biggest mistake an auditor can make is compromising their independence when it comes to their work, because it usually leads to some sort of unfair benefit for a company or individual. The main thesis of this article is that its hard for an accountant also known as an auditor to fairly do the proper and ethical tasks of their job. The auditor is a person who’s job is to look at a companies profits and expenses on paper and determine if they are telling the truth about their capitol gains or losses. The importance of this is that people base their decision of whether or not to invest in a
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