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-1David Warden 02/29/08 Philosophy 243 Section 020 Word Count 401 “Advertising and Behavior Control.” By Robert L. Arrington “Summary” In the advertising industry is their a proper and ethical way to market products to consumers? This article examines both points of view on this issue. The main thesis of the article is should consumers have a right to be protected from advertisements that are made to prey on their desires and wants more than on their needs. Advertising plays on consumers wants, needs, and desires to be and have nice and lavish things “Advertising is often referred to as puffery which is the practice by a seller of making exaggerated, highly fanciful, or suggestive claims about a product or service (pg.283).” Legally this type of advertising is okay, but it draws many critics about how the advertisements are misleading. An example is “ a car company advertises its product as having more horsepower than its competitor therefore making it safer (p.284).” Once you think about
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