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-1David Warden 1/23/08 Dr.Defries Ms.Worth TSIS Worksheet #2 1. From what I can take from the book the most important thing is simply stating whether you agree, disagree, or both with an argument. Doing this can help the readers better understand the point of view that you writing from. Furthermore, making the writing easier for them to understand and take your side on things. 2. When you are agreeing with someone else the book claims the most important thing to do is to agree but by using different examples that weren’t previously used. The main reason for binging up your own idea is that it shows you put some thought behind it and makes you actually part of the conversation. 3. Incorporating counter arguments can help strengthen your paper because it if used right can help viewers see why your taking the side you are. Counter arguments can be used to defend your point of view in some ways. Counter arguments also give you an increased sense of credibility that wouldn’t be there otherwise. 4.
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