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sin city movie review - 12.12.05 Formal Analysis on Sin...

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12.12.05 Formal Analysis on Sin City “Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything.” This is the tagline of the 2005 film noir movie, Sin City, and it fits every aspect of it. Sin City is a Rated R film noir on steroids; very stylish and technical. This is one reason why I loved this movie, which the directors of this film, Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, and special guest director Quentin Tarantino, built a beautiful adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic book stories. You might not have known about the comics of Sin City before, but once you see this movie, you will be able to see Frank Miller’s writing, modesty fantastic in a comic environment, steeped long and hard in the tradition of 40’s underground crime writers. It is so hard to take one’s eyes off the rich black and white screen contrasted with digitally-hued Technicolor. Sin City is a movie that could not have been made without the technological advancements that have been created in the past several years Movies in the past have tried to emulate the feel of comics on the screen (Dick Tracy, Hulk, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), but none did it better than Sin City. It is a film noir which sets the shadowy, pessimistic mood right at the start, but the directors added an extra feel to it. The directors shot in black and white and used digital cameras and green screen to fully create Sin City where it is always dark, nighttime, and is almost always raining. However, it is not entirely in black and white. There are highlights of color spread out throughout all of the movie. We see this with the
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sin city movie review - 12.12.05 Formal Analysis on Sin...

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