rebirth - 11.7.05 Rebirth Rebirth. That was the ultimate...

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Unformatted text preview: 11.7.05 Rebirth Rebirth. That was the ultimate goal of Mohammad Ayez, a twenty-one year-old stowaway who had made a frantic attempt to escape the bleak life of living as a peasant in a village in Pakistan. Ayez was desperate. He did not know that by secretly climbing into the huge chambers above the wheels of a British Airways Boeing plane would endanger his life. He was unaware that his position in the undercarriage compartment had no oxygen, no heating, and no pressure. Ayez did not force himself to believe that he could make it alive to England and start anew. He had no choice . His family is poor, finding a meager livelihood from farming wheat, barley, corn, and onions.(264) Ayez had to take an immediate action. So he saw the plane in flight as a representation of the journey, when sent into the future, will whiz him to the promised land of food and opportunity. What the author Amitava Kumar forgets to bring up is what happens when a stowaway does successfully makes it to England or the United States? Also in the text, Kumar only views rebirth in a positive light, which there is also a negative side to it. So does that mean this mans quality of life will improve or worsen? Will there be jobs? Opportunities? What about his family and his morals? How will his mental state be effected? All in all, does leaving the low status life of one place necessarily mean an improved life somewhere else? The invention of planes and the human ability to fly have transformed all cultures in this world. Imperialistic humans have previously conquered the land, the sea, and recently within the last century, the air. Everyone is connected now, whether one likes it or not. The potential is endless, but to the poorer countries, who happen to see planes of hope hastily fly in and out of their dirt burdened villages with their cargo of fascinated...
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rebirth - 11.7.05 Rebirth Rebirth. That was the ultimate...

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