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hurricane resistance - English 112 Hurricane Resistance:...

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English 112 Hurricane Resistance: Past and Present If there is a natural disaster that has made an impact on society here within the United States this past year, it is surely hurricanes. Hurricanes are the most devastating in the southeast region of our country and have been pounding the Gulf coast and causing billions of dollars of damage for a numerous amounts of years. However, this year contained a substantial increase in the amount of hurricanes that battered the Gulf coast from an average of 10 hurricanes to an outstanding amount of 24 in 2005 ( Aside from the numeral increase of hurricanes this past year, there has been a much higher toll of death and cost of destruction within such disasters; much more than there has been over the last ten years. The most widely known hurricane this year is the category 5 storms named Katrina. It was a storm that had the highest death toll and total costs of damage in our nations history. But before Katrina, about 13 years ago there was another category 4 storm named Andrew that drove up the Gulf Coast. In a National Disaster Survey report, Hurricane Andrew is renown for having a “…potentially profound impact that a powerful hurricane can have on a modern coastal community (NDSR: Hurricane Andrew, pg. 129).” What was unique about Hurricane Andrew was its rapid increase in size and power. It was initially thought to be a moderately weak tropical storm and expanded as it made its way up the Gulf Coast. It was an unusually compact storm that had wind speeds up to 186 miles per hour. Andrew also spawned some of the worst floods in our nations history along with Hurricane-spawned Tornadoes that did damage in Louisiana and Mississippi. Needless to say, in 1992, Hurricane Andrew shook the economy of the Gulf
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hurricane resistance - English 112 Hurricane Resistance:...

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