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nothing in excess - "Nothing in Excess It was"Nothing in...

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10/05/05 “Nothing in Excess” It was “Nothing in Excess”. Once my teacher said that, something in my head just clicked. It was really weird like it was just an epiphany. That is how I began my high school as a freshman. I remember going to my first class petrified. I had no clue what to expect and the only thing I really did know about high school life came from my older siblings whose mendacious stories made it seem like a reminiscent of Hell. So as I strolled into my World History Class, I saw that my teacher is a big frightening looking man who seemed like a real headache. Mr. Alessandri was his name, but people called him Mr. A. He did not waste anytime at all once everybody was in the class, and Mr. A started to pass out class work assignments. Then he started discussing the first unit with us which was on the Greek culture. At the time, I never had a teacher like that; so demanding and arduous. Half way through the class, he then told us about a quote that the Greek people had lived their life around. At first I did not believe it. How could one sentence of certain words affect someone’s life? My teacher then wrote it on the already filled up black board. It was “Nothing in excess.” Boom! It hit me. That is how I had been living my life for so long now and still continue to live this way today; in moderation. I was brought up like most average children. I grew up with an older brother and
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nothing in excess - "Nothing in Excess It was"Nothing in...

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