05 - HEARTLESS LOVER Double standard between men and women...

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HEARTLESS LOVER Double standard between men and women. Men who forsook women would not be looked down upon in the society. Not for the opposite. Ts’ui Ying-ying One of the most famous women lovers in Chinese literature. Romantically unsatisfying ending. Ying-ying wanted a happy ending. Mr. Chang forced himself out of love and seemed indifferent to his feelings. He forsakes her, and ends the story. Author: Yuan Chen, who lived in the 9 th century during T’ang Dynasty. He was a famous poet and official. People suspected him to have written this story as autobiography. Story reflects his life in many ways. Lots of imagination is used to tweak facts into fiction. Young Mr. Chang was unlike his friends who liked to go out with females and sleep around. He held himself out for a higher ideal. Wanted to save himself for a truly beautiful woman. Someone he could admire and love. At those days, access between upper class young men and women was very restricted. Under normal circumstances, they would never have met at all, unless a matchmaker united them in an engagement for marriage. There were bandits raiding a monastery. Chang knew an officer, who sent troops to keep the bandits away. To repay Chang, (Ts’ui’s family owns monastery?!), there was a banquet and that was the only time Chang got to see Ying-ying. Ying-ying wasn’t particularly interested in the banquet and didn’t really dress up. Chang fell for Ying-ying. Because Yy was so uninterested, this seems to be a challenge to Chang. He wanted to overcome this challenge and make her fall in love with him. Chang then asked Yy’s maid, Hung-niang to help him to be the messenger between. She tipped him that yy likes poetry. She told him to use love poetry to win yy over. Chang sent her a poem, and she responded one with her own, sending a strong image that she’s awaiting the arrival of her lover.
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05 - HEARTLESS LOVER Double standard between men and women...

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