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ME 145 – POWERPLANT ENGINEERING ANALYSIS AND DESIGN SPRING 2004 In-Class Midterm Exam NAME: 1. (3) Fuel cells are limited by the Carnot efficiency – true or false? Explain your answer. False. The Carnot limit is applicable to a heat engine that operates between a hot and a cold temperature reservoir. It is not a fundamental limit of energy conversion. A fuel cell can approach a perfectly reversible chemical reactor and theoretical efficiencies, even at room temperature, are quite high. 2. (5) Matching column c Fuel cell viability a. Julius Madaras g Precipitator operation b. Unplanned shutdown b Availability c. Gibb’s energy g Cogeneration d. Reduced fuel cost a Wind Energy e. Arrhenius relation f. Migration velocity g . W a s
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course ME 145 taught by Professor Manno during the Spring '08 term at Tufts.

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Sample_ME145_InclassTest_Answers - ME 145 POWERPLANT...

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