Summarries 10 to 14

Summarries 10 to 14 - Abram Balloga Reading Summaries...

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Abram Balloga Reading Summaries Trading State (R. Rosecrance) #10 Rosecrance describes the difference between a military-political world, and a trading world. Saying that the Roman Empire was the only civilization to master and bring together the western world militarily, thus a military-political world is not ideal. He says that in this modern era, rarely is a country completely self sufficient. It is simply more economic to get some goods from other countries. Because of this, the world has become a network of trading states which relies on one another for specific goods. In order to compete in the global marketplace, countries must specialize and produce a product better and at a lesser cost than its competitors. Because of this specialization, it’s not as likely that one countries attempts to make gains and expand its influence on a certain sector will encroach on its neighbors interests. Overall, conflicts are lesser than in a military-political state, because in a trading world, nations need what each other have to offer, and are not willing to risk hostile or military action against them. Kant and Liberal Legacies (M. Doyle) #11 The question this article addresses is “What difference do liberal principles and institutions make to the conduct of the foreign affairs of liberal states?”. He explains that liberalism isn’t inherently peace loving, and not necessarily reliant on a balance of
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Summarries 10 to 14 - Abram Balloga Reading Summaries...

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