1/10/08 - January 10th "Isms" Socialism:...

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January 10 th “Isms” Socialism : Collectivism, egalitarianism, equality of condition, equal access, all  pay, regulated industry. Conservatism : Free enterprise, preserving tradition, limited government  intervention, lower taxes, social institutions good, elitist, against interest groups,  evolution not revolution.  Liberalism : Free markets, social order not important, multiculturalism, individual  rights.  *Views within a party change over time and there is some overlap across groups.  Canada VS U.S.  Differences:  - more multicultural (a melting pot) - more provincial nationalism - Has more regionalism - More collectivist - More faith in government, deferential - Better equality views *People are rarely consistent in their views <LEFT________________________________________RIGHT> Socialism                                          Liberalism  Conservatism Socialism:  Left wing party, collective, community value, individualism is not 
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1/10/08 - January 10th &quot;Isms&quot; Socialism:...

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