1/15/08 - Poli 222 Definitions Nationalism human beings...

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Poli 222 January 15, 2008 Definitions: Nationalism - human beings have an innate, emotionally powerful attachment to a group, they exist in natural groups, group life is basic and unavoidable - people are primordially and inherently linked to groups that are known as nations, these groups are natural - nations seek self-determination and also seek their own destinies - boundaries of nations and groups are also natural How do we define these boundaries? A strong definition is that of Ethnic nationalism, in which there is naturally an ethnic distinction between groups; ethnicity has the most primordial attachment within a group. An ethnic group is one nation and boundaries of different nations should not overlap. - if this definition was withheld within nations, then political life would be ordered on a basis of ethnicity - however, ethnicities are not geographically concentrated; they are intermixed, boundaries ARE crossed. Circumstances, like migration, cause ethnicities to mix. - thus, there is a problem defining boundaries for different nations - people within an ethnic nation have the problem of determining who can or cannot be part of their group (for example, if a person has mixed ethnicities). Alternative definition: Civic Nationalism - a basic community is defined by a set of political and civic values, it does not matter what a person's blood-line is, as long as they share the same values -nations are not born, they are politically constructed -allows for more open national-political views and backgrounds - however, there is a challenge to identify specific values and then to transmit them
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1/15/08 - Poli 222 Definitions Nationalism human beings...

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