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Chapter 5.4 Problem 4

Chapter 5.4 Problem 4 - Problem 5.4-4 A cantilever beam AB...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 5.4-4 A cantilever beam AB is loaded by a couple M0 at its free end {see figure}. The length of the beam is L = 1.5 m and the longitudinal normal strain at the top surface is 0.001. The distance d 5 from the top surface of the beam to the neutral surface is 7'5 mm. B Calculate the radius of curvature p, the curvature K, and the vertical L l Mo deflection 3 at the end of the beam. Assume that the deflection curve is nearly-r flat. Then the distance BC is the same as the length L of the beam. -. sinH=£=lj—m=llfl2 P T5 1]] ti = arcsin ELI): = 0.132 rad L . . NOTE: 3 = IOU, which confirms that the deflection curve is nearly.r flat. ...
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