BA 250 test 2 - BA 250 * Joe and sally's store was...

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-1BA 250 * Joe and sally’s store was destroyed by fire this is _______ risk Pure Risk * Paying someone else to bare some or all of the risk of financial loss is ____ Risk transference * a large # of persons expose to the same risk allows an insurance company to predict numbers of loses to that group Law of Large numbers * “how long will it take to recover the original investment” is answered using which of the following techniques Payback period * Most entrepreneurs do not realize the value of which of the following types of insurance Business interruption insurance * which of the following media has the highest cost per thousand Direct mail * newspapers typically charge the highest ad rates for ads placed by National advertisers * for print, media reach has two components, circulation and _______ Pass along rate * a legal term indicating the exclusive right of a firm to use a brand to identify a product Trade mark * a business that turns its receivables over 5.9 times(divided by 365)
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BA 250 test 2 - BA 250 * Joe and sally's store was...

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