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3. When Plato is first describing his society, he divides the world into two substances. The two substances are “The Same” and “The Different”. The qualities of same are quoted as, “The one is apprehensible by intelligence with the aid of reasoning, being eternally the same” (Page 40). What Plato is saying here is that the same is unchanging. In other words what is here today will be here tomorrow. An example would have to be when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. This is a good example because one knows that the sun will rise the next day as will the moon, therefore it is unchanging. The qualities of different are quoted as, “The object of opinion and irrational sensation, coming to be and ceasing to be, but never fully real” (Page 40). Plato talks here about
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Unformatted text preview: how the difference is changing. This means something could be here for a period of time, but then for no reason die or disappear. An example of this would be human life. This example works here because one is changing everyday and eventually will cease to exist. Plato later adds another substance which is space. Space is the receptacle that receives the stamp of becoming. One of the qualities of space is the thing that becomes. Plato uses an example of dreaming: he says, “everything that exists must be somewhere and occupy some space, and that what is nowhere in heaven or earth is nothing at all” (Page 71-72). Plato says it pretty straightforward here in that things that exist take up space and things that do not exist do not take up space....
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