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Advertisement Essay 3 - Andrew Fausett English 1101 Dr....

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Andrew Fausett English 1101 Dr. Whitelock 3/48/08 Advertising Essay Advertising today has become, whether we like it or not, a major part of peoples lives. Everything from what we eat, drink, wear and even the way we act can be contributed to the advertising we take in every day. Advertising surrounds us by means of television, magazines, newspapers, movies and radio and certain aspects of everyday life. Everywhere you go you are bombarded by a form of advertisement either at the sports game or while being picked up by a taxi cab. Jim Fowles believes there are fifteen different ways that advertising can appeal to an individual, from a persons need for sex all the way to a persons need to nurture. According to in 2006 alone, 260 billion dollars was spent by companies to advertise their product to people. Tobacco advertising is no different. The add I will be examining is a Camel advertisement that was found in a Sports Illustrated magazine, where the most reached group of people are males. The first thing a persons eyes will be drawn to on this ad is the overall theme of wealth. The main character in this ad is clearly living a lifestyle full of wealth and fun. Clearly the setting of his house and surrounding area shows wealth. There is a large pool right behind him and beyond that is a mountain range. Not only this, but the nearest trees that we can see clearly are Palm trees showing that the ocean is not far away. The lawn chair the man is sitting on is a gold color and has big white cushions on it. The man is
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Advertisement Essay 3 - Andrew Fausett English 1101 Dr....

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