ETS 145 Midterm

ETS 145 Midterm - ETS 145 Midterm Shows Movies 4:34:00 PM...

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ETS 145 Midterm 04/03/2008 16:34:00 Shows/ Movies: “Wag the Dog” o Modification of facts. Manipulation of media. o War compared to pageant.—the production, display of contest. o Stanley (Hoffman), Connie (DeNiro), Winifred (Heche) o Links with the optimism of Fiske and pop culture- it is ever changing. “ A Date With the Family” o Shows the social hierarchy and divisions of labor in a family. o The formality of dinner. “Leave It to Beaver” o Beaver, June, Wally, Eddy(the friend that is nice around parents but plans all the mischievousness) o reinforced the social hierarchy and family divisions “ Pleasantville” o David (Toby), Jennifer (Reese) o private space vs. public space---certain conformity in people o The importance of family o More critical of the 50s because you see 2 eras o Colors—stand for intellectual curiosity, sexual passion, emotion, anger/rage, signs to segregate o Nostalgia--- bittersweet emotion longing for a lost, better, simpler, and securer past…” o ** Importance of embracing true self/emotions , live for the change in the present, passion is more important for life, idealized representations of the past are flawed.
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o David shows that it isn’t always best to live the stereotypical perfect lifestyle. “Nurse Betty” o Betty, Charlie (Freeman), Wesley (Rock), Dr. David Ravell (Kinnear), Rosa (roommate) o Dominants in society o Obsessions with TV and how they become a part of lifestyle o A Reason to Love --- the soap opera o Need to escape from reality “CSI”- Grissom, Catherine (red head), Sara (brown hair) o And Then There Were None”- Robbery at the gas station and at the casino corrupt officials, silica, o “Slaves of Las Vegas”- Lady Heather’s Dominion found body in playground. Sexualization of a dead body. Really showed the different colors used in CSI. The attornies husband was the killer. Dressed Mona in latex so could pretend wife, so he could have power over her. o “The Hunger Artist”- Ashleigh and Cassie Ashleigh must have an equal balance of in and out. Eventually kills herself because she wants perfection. o
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ETS 145 Midterm - ETS 145 Midterm Shows Movies 4:34:00 PM...

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