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Mag Midterm 02/03/2008 14:38:00 1.) Differ from other media Optional buys- the readers actually choose to read. Loyal audience. Niche audience- target certain demographic. Special interests. Long shelf life- most are monthly. Pass along. More editorial content- in depth. Throw out the rules. Subscriptions and newsstands 2.) Recent trends: Celebrity mags: (People, Ok!, InTouch, Star) o Circulations are increasing. o Most are weeklies- Tuesday is end day so on shelves Friday o Best selling---Jenn Aniston, Pitt, Scarlett, Jolie o Bonnie Fuller---“The Circulator”, glossy, punchy headlines, raunchy, bitch o People---most powerful, $1bill/yr, 10 pass along, 18 months for turning profit. .usually takes 5 years Weeklies: Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report o Huge in circulation o Hurt by: Destroyed definition of daily/periodic publications CNN—show news 24hr/day, faster, in depth, first hand accounts by specialists. Internet---immediate news ****Mags are now trying to reinvent themselves because no longer breaking news platforms
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Redesigns: Time---redesigned with web in mind. Changed day of publication so on shelves Friday for the weekend. Newsweek—more lifestyle stories, less news breaking Lad Mags: Maxim, FHM (dead), Gear, Stuff o Started with Maxim (1995)--- Felix Dennis (British) brought humor and idea of young men interest to US o Losing impact now o Scared older men’s mags into redesigns o GQ---hottest one now Magalogs---Lucky (2001), Shop Etc, All You o Conde Nast saw shopping mags in Japan and brought them over. o Circulation keeps increasing---lazy society…want now o Lots of pictures, little copy, all shopping 3.) Mags sit with Internet One of the last industries to move to the Internet. Internet didn’t hurt the business until recently—accessible to most people now. Advertisers started to drift to Internet. Able to count how many hits ***It’s a different platform to extend the brand. You can show different issues on the web. Chance to be more timely/interactive with blogs and other things. Not as up to par as newspapers are on the web. Haven’t truly adopted 2.0 # Bloggers and video clips have doubled. 4.)
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mag review - Mag Midterm 1 Differ from other media 2:38:00...

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