lecture notes 2 - C2M0 Introduction to Maple Our discussion...

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Unformatted text preview: C2M0 Introduction to Maple Our discussion will focus on Maple 7, which was developed by Waterloo Maple Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Quoting from the Maple 7 Learning Guide , Maple is a Symbolic Computation System or Computer Algebra System . Both phrases refer to Maples ability to manipulate information in a symbolic or algebraic manner. Conventional mathematical programs require numerical values for all variables. By contrast, Maple maintains and manipulates the underlying symbols and expressions, as well as evaluates numerical expressions. From the second description you see why Maple is designated as a CAS. Assignment Format We are going to begin by establishing a format for each Maple assignment that is to be handed in. Open Maple and obtain a blank worksheet. Do not type the < or > which are shown to identify your entries. And < Enter > means the Enter key. As you begin, the worksheet is in math mode, so click on the T to switch into text mode. For the assignment C2M1 , type < C2M1 > < Enter > and then highlight C2M1 and click on the middle of the three boxes to the right of B I u so as to center C2M1. The left of these three buttons left-justifies text and the right one right-justifies it. Now, < down arrow > , then type your name and section as shown. < Midn Your Name > < Enter > < Section > < Your section > < Enter > Having completed this, highlight the three lines and then click on B to boldface everything. This is the format you should use for all Maple assignments to be handed in. For example, you should see something like C2M1 Midn John Doe Section 1234 Beginning Maple Syntax Because we are building the foundation for the use of Maple, we will designate this spadework by when we wish to highlight an important fact. Since getting on-line help is extremely important, we will begin with that. Suppose that you have a question about the command plot. Then in a worksheet enter < ?plot > < Enter > and you will see the information available and links for other related topics. To obtain on-line help on command, enter < ?command > < Enter > . You may eliminate the brackets on the left by pressing the function key < F9 > . To return to math mode, click on the [ > . If we wanted to type a math formula while in text mode we would click on . Later in this section we will discuss palettes which allow you to select commands from a menu and avoid using Maple syntax. It is the contention of the author of these notes that learning some Maple syntax is beneficial to the student, so even though you may accomplish the same things by clicking on a symbol, we will show you the syntax that would otherwise be hidden....
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lecture notes 2 - C2M0 Introduction to Maple Our discussion...

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