lecture notes 3 - Maple 6 Spreadsheets In Maple 6 the user...

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Maple 6 Spreadsheets In Maple 6 the user may insert a spreadsheet into the Maple worksheet. One characteristic of these spreadsheets that must be noted early is that changing an entry does not cause the spreadsheet to immediately recalculate as is the case in the standard spreadsheet. This is easily done by clicking on a button, however. The reader is reminded that the easiest way to get help or information about spreadsheets in Maple is to enter a worksheet and type in > ?spreadsheet < enter > and a list of topics is displayed. The reader is warned that there is an error in the identiFcation of row and column headers in the section that tries to explain which is which. Column headers are listed in a row as A, B, C, etc. while row headers are listed next to the Frst column as 1, 2, 3, etc. This is reversed in the diagram you would see in the help display. Please open a blank worksheet and enter the following lines: > with(student): > f:=x->2+2*x-xˆ2; f := x 2+2 x x 2 > g:=x->sin(2*x); g := x sin(2 x ) With the mouse, move the cursor arrow to the command Insert , click and then click on Spreadsheet .In addition to the material already entered, you should see a blank spreadsheet ready to be resized to Ft your needs. Before we do that, note that the menu bars above have changed and that they look like this: Before you inserted the spreadsheet, you could not select Spreadsheet , but now it is an option. Click on it and check out the menu. Note the four boxes on the left and below the main bar. The one to the left is very useful. When you need to Fll cells in a spreadsheet in some direction, click on this box. More speciFc instructions follow when this process is needed in our example. Now we are ready to resize the blank spreadsheet. Outside the spreadsheet, but near the lower righthand
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lecture notes 3 - Maple 6 Spreadsheets In Maple 6 the user...

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