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lecture notes 5 - C2M5 Parametric Functions Have you ever...

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C2M5 Parametric Functions Have you ever played with a toy called ”Etch-a-Sketch” ? One hand controls the x -axis while the other controls the y -axis. It is as if you are graphing ( x ( t ) , y ( t )) , a t b , which is exactly what happens when a function in the plane is defined parametrically. Be very careful where you place the right bracket, ] , when using Maple to plot parametric graphs. Maple Example: Plot x ( t ) = sin(13 t ) , y ( t ) = cos(7 t ) for 0 t 6 π which produces a lissajou . The plot is on the left below. As you can see, the scaling is a little off because the “square” is two units on each side. For a little fun, increase the coefficients to say 43 and 37 and see what happens. You may also wish to increase the domain.
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