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Unit Plan - provide experiences outside textbook text can be used as a content guide only • Unit plan should span two weeks or 10 lessons Each

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Ed. 642: Kalish Unit Plan assignment (20%) The Unit Plan assignment is designed to develop your skills in creating effective unit planning derived from core content material, while maintaining a diverse and varied set of experiences for the students, using Bloom’s and Multiple Intelligence charts. 1) Unit outline 2) Bloom’s/Multiple Intelligence chart Assignment guidelines: Unit Plan should be based on specific core content from the NYC DOE curriculum guides grade 7-12; i.e. 7 th grade; Unit 2: European Exploration and Colonization of the Americas (information on obtaining guides will be given in class). Unit Plan should be modeled after a content-based unit (see Singer), but
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Unformatted text preview: provide experiences outside textbook, text can be used as a content guide only. • Unit plan should span two weeks, or 10 lessons. Each lesson should be placed within the Bloom’s Taxonomy/Multiple Intelligence Chart as discussed in class. • Unit Plan outline: be sure to include the Aim, objectives and a brief synopsis of each activity, along with materials and any other important information about each lesson. The lessons should be numbered 1-10, use the lesson numbers when filling out the blooms chart. Due Dates : March 29: Unit Plan Revision, not mandatory, email units please April 12: Final deadline Please contact me with any questions or concerns....
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