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Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Economics 3070-004 Professor M. J. Greenwood Spring 2008 Office: ECON 106 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:15am-12:00pm; 3:30-4:45, and by appointment. PREREQUISITES: ECON 1000 or 2010; and either ECON 1078 and 1088, or MATH 1300, or MATH 1310, or MATH 1081, or MATH 1080, 1090, and 1100, or APPM 1350, or equivalent. COURSE OUTLINE Text: Jeffrey M. Perloff, Microeconomics, Fourth Edition (Pearson Education, Inc., 2007) Part I: Theories of Consumer Behavior and Demand 1. Introduction: Chapter 1 2. Utility and Choice: Chapters 4, 5 3. Individual and Market Demand: Chapter 2 (parts relating to demand) 4. Market Demand and Elasticity: Chapter 3 (parts relating to demand) Part II: Theories of Production and Cost 5. Production: Chapter 6 6. Costs: Chapter 7 Part III: Theories of Price and Output under Various Market Circumstances 7. Profit Maximization and Supply: Chapters 8; 2, 3 (parts relating to supply) 8. Perfect Competition: Chapters 8, 9 9. Monopoly: Chapters 11 and 12 10. Imperfect Competition: Chapter 13 11. Strategy and Game Theory: Chapter 14 Part IV: Factor Markets 12. Pricing in Input Markets: Chapter 15 Part V: Other Topics
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spring08-3070-004syllabus - Intermediate Microeconomic...

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