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let people trade with foreigners let people migrate Chinese government al owances very academic order of Christianity converted many Chinese received warmly Mat eo Ricci Jesuits Westerners Base 1557 Macao Portuguese 1st dynasty to real y interact with west Qing China imports Japanese silver trade with Japan South China Sea Japan opened Port of Nagasaki foreign trade (Jing de zhen) Chinese porcelain major conduit Grand Canal for sojourners hui guan guild hal s established international trade marketing framework not central stil regional "second revolution" become towns boom of more permanent markets manuals, encyclopedias, novels chicken/egg - which came first? printing and literacy increasing drastical y Canton became important at this time too because of Suzhou, Shanghai became important now tourists runneth over gardens of literati Suzhou good economic cycles Zhang Zhuzheng wanted to do something then he stopped working he wanted to change, couldn't eldest son is head of household
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