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Unformatted text preview: Europeans don't m ake dis tinction between Mongols and Manchus [Tartars = Mongoloid] [Kley's reading] now Manchus have no opposition runs away Li Zicheng's m andate diss olves quickly rape, loot, torture broke but didn't toyed with idea of linking with Hongtaiji invade Beijing s ubm it called Qing "Shun" Li Zicheng s om e people surrendered before hung him s elf paralyzed court told him to go south, regroup, fight way back em peror didn't know what to do China so big, Manchu so sm all how? Ming over Han single-ethnicity bas ed because of new technology from Portuguese s urvived extra 10 years Chinese Latter Jin -> Qing (clear) looks like Kansas us e other part of wall - Mongol wouldn't go through Shanhai guan skilled archers attack, invade m irror im age of other s ide of Great Wall m eritocracy officials recruited based on knowledge los t a little power process becam e m ore bureaucratic beile collective decision m aking Princes already translated Ming legal code to Manchu governm ent...
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