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left a bitter taste as legacy after died, his support was purged from court disliked while alive died at age 38 had own character reputation, etc had a lot of power while alive renamed title from "Regent Uncle" was Shunzhi's uncle Dorgon (Regent Father) oldest son that is already immune heir is Kangxi emperor Oboi regency named 4 regents for next emperor the wil read aloud was probably a forgery before died, dictated a will favorite concubine died, then he got smal pox was probably clinically depressed Legacy when of ered amnesty by Oboi regency, said no spread power north almost conquered Nanjing good maritime strategy used Taiwan as base to at ack China Zheng Chenggong/Koxinga literati Opposition after: at lower levels, some based on banner before: al took exam changed process to of icialdom resurrects Hanlin Academy Dorgon died age 13 real y started rule had a regent - uncle age 5 started started very young vigorous - took job seriously Rule Shunzhi (1st Emperor proper)
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