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violence justified if things go wrong, heaven will intervene roots state with violence hindsight philosophical justification for change men rule at will of heaven mandate of heaven just be moral, people will follow not linked to ethnicity, territory sage king had classical notion of emperorship reclaim, redistribute land not farmed is not used military strategy leave border unstable rule by scholarship attack anti-Manchu scholarship defense wrote another book in response scattered his bones around as filial act wrote book countering Lu Liulang's book killed him but Yongzheng's son was filial given minor official position he was just being filial but treated nicely gets locked up immediately informs emperor descendant of Yue Fei sends attendant to NW China for Yue Zhongqi gets fired up, vows to overthrow Manchus entered political fray mid-17th cent Confucian scholar Manchus responsible for ills of time reads Lu Liulang's writings minor scholar Zeng Jing very intense, committed Yongzheng is usurper? Challenge of legitimacy
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