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some made massive fortunes transmission belt for western knowledge create complicated problem for businesses chinese merchants who work for foreign firms pompadours Relations Hong Kong given to British trade conduction processes 5% tariff on all imports and exports end of Canton system westerners can live there now too they become western cities prominent Shanghai bankers come from here Ningbo Canton problem place Fuzhou Amoy (Xiamen) Shanghai first 5 treaty ports 5% interest rate Brtiish loaned $ to Chinese $12 mil is indemnity $3 mil - cover debts Ch merchants owed Brit merchants $6 mil - pay back for opium Lin Zexu throws in water $21 mil to British gov't indemnity 5 elements because they lost but this one was brutal not new to China Treaty of Nanjing should have acquiesced some did they know? thinks chinese should have known not to fight British boxer rebellion interiors too borders unstable frontier aboriginals vs chinese conflicts Qing had to deal with divided bureaucracy feel marginalized multiple contradictory also the opinions of literati dissent
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Unformatted text preview: why needed? prior to opium war, Qing armed forces were good Polachek - mid 19th c v diff from 18th c watching Indian companies Chinese merchants v market oriented caused Boston Tea Party wanted monopoly in N America 1773 - East India Co overstocked tea china not really part of global economy until O.W. this really worried Qing then into military low class workers addiction spreads free trade in opium state can't control domestic opium opium legalized 2nd Opium War wanted to get rid of canton system this money going out of country instead of taels (silver), use dollars south china - different $ then started smuggling opium originally use salt secret societies corruption in Chinese bureaucracy other Western goods not popular by 1880's still 40% of trade into china British said China didn't have to buy it not just opium Problem - surrounded by other issues Opium! EIC wanted to sell to China bad things for both sides late 18th c Impact of the Opium War...
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