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Unformatted text preview: feminist movement leader, founder failed Confucian scholar met missionaries in Canton (ubiquitous) dreamed he was God's other son extrapolate stories from Bible, commentary bring in new members play political role not just religious Qing were weak, but were able to survive right after Opium War 30 million killed bros against bros seemed like end of dynasty between Hakka and subethnic not thought themselves ethnic Hakka communities formed local militias didn't bind feet had roles in politics White Lotus Rebellion women violent feuds 1850's similar but different 1796 classic milinarian rebellion lead to explosion of unrest corruption,gov't pressure from Heshan regime - cause? sectarian religious uprising Taiping in comparison was civil war popularity Taiping Rebellion promise of new, better times mobilization Sectarian groups Beginnings Liang A-pa vary in size women Hong Xiuquan could join trying to fight arranged marriages took up silk production when it was needed private depend on happenings in local community family history family tradition to protect writings salvation means to personal religious cultivation popular ethical guidance invoke name of Buddha sacred scrolls (morality) milinarian world will turn upside down sometimes started rebellion as proof more mobilized, organized more dangerous not entirely religious characteristic of mid 19th c ...
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