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Unformatted text preview: but to get rid of foreign encroachm ent it was n't why did it look like a m as s revolt? m is c Yangzi River Valley Hong Kong Britis h dem and leas e on new territory only Germ any can exploit Shandong French not to be outdone Rus s ia w ould take Trans -Siberia railroad get Taiwan denied Japan the Liaodong Penins ula Carving up C hines e Melon Wes tern things for utility Chines e things for es s ence Zhang Zhidong felt they w eren't too far too confident Liang & colleagues beginning of local ps eudo-s elf-gov't ins titution given acces s to docum ents s outhern Jiangs u new s tudy s ociety attack Manchu rulers challenge s ociety s tructure did > s hould Tan Sitong other dis ciples too head is Liang Qichao Wes tern learning traditional learning Renxue new s chool provincial officials Wes tern learning part of new exam s ys tem m ining telegraph m odern lights m odern capital m us t have 1895 - Governor general affected city people, not poor rural people where Mao Zedong was from Reform Movem ent in Hunan...
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