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Paper Discussion -Informative paper -Research and history -Well written and well structured Ouline: Simplistic Organized Easy to follow Intro: Introduce topic Outline flow of rest of paper No warming up Straight to the point Why you think your particular topic is important Conclusion: Brings conclusion to your paper Sums up everything But don’t be repetitive Topic Sentence: What that paragraph is about What the topic sentence to be right in front Introduces what you’re doing in that paragraph Transition Sentence: Begins to introduce the new idea Write in active voice not passive voice The car was stopped by Jim It should be Jim stopped the car Passive voice: During the 19 th century it was commonly believed that women were inferior Who commonly believed it? Passive: The books have been printed Who printed the books? 5 pages No www.wikipedia.org!!!! Submit a bibliography All internet sources they would be referenced or reviewed or from a reliable place Mainly wants books
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