Health essay - “Teaching Health Education" To...

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Unformatted text preview: “Teaching Health Education" To integrate health into my future classroom: I would relate topics discussed in their health class into mine. Some examples of these topics are nutrition, the food pyramid, drugs= and more. These topics need to be covered and stressed in the classroom because they are extremely important and valuable. Your health is somedting that will always be a part of you and by keeping staying in good physical shape is beneficial. Not only is it good to put emphasis on the positives. I want to show my students how bad decisions that you make can effect your body. I remember in my school to celebrate drug free week= we had red ribbon day and students who remembered to wear their red ribbons had the chance to enter a drawing to win different prizes. Another part of health is moral education. in the health lecture, Steven Goodwin talked about Aesopis different fables and how they all had different morals at the end of them. This is one of the things that I can include in tny lesson plan to include health in every day learning. In my classroom, 1 could easily relate health to English because of Aesop's fables. I would start the lesson by reading a fable such as The Hora and the Tortoise or The Lion and the Mouse. Then after I read it I could have the students say what they think the moral of the story is and possibly answer a few comprehension questions. This is a way to give them good character and morals. Some other activities that I learned from the health handout mostly dealt with nutrition. I think this is the most important health topic to discuss. This is because it is crucial to stay in shape and have a healthy diet. If you do not take good care of your body, it can have negative ett‘ects on you later in life whereas if you eat nutritious foods such as fruits or vegetables. you can live a long life and your body stays in excellent shape. To integrate this in the classroom, I would have one of my lessens be about the food pyramid1 fill one in and talk about the different food groups. An activityr to go along with this is that I would name different types of foods out loud and the kids would say what food group it belonged in and if it was healthy or not. I think that health and nutrition are very important things that are necessary to he taught in the classroom. I plan to integrate health education by discussing topics such as drugs. nutrition and morals. I can do this by different fun activities which are great ways to get the students involved, wanting to learn tnore,r and ask questions if they have any. Learning should he a fun process for the students; it shouldn*t he the teacher standing in front of the room telling the kids everything. I think that With these different activities kids will enjoy school more because there are more hands on things to do in the classroom, which makes it more interesting. ...
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Health essay - “Teaching Health Education" To...

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