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Mickey Green March 3, 2008 Reading Reflection #1 In the book, “The Phantom Tollbooth,” there are several characters that might be described as truly educated. The first character is the Humbug. The Humbug, according to the novel, wants to be important and well versed by everyone he comes in contact with. However, he does not seem that way because he has a negative effect on the people that he meets. In a way, the Humbug looks foolish when he appears to be smart and important. The Humbug is not truly educated because he only puts down words and the Spelling Bee. He tells Milo that words are useless because you do not need them to succeed. This shows us that he is not an educated thing. Another character that may seem truly educated is the Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee spells words that he hears or
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Unformatted text preview: speaks. He is knowledgeable of the English language and can spell words aloud when they are spoken. In the novel, the Spelling Bee can be seen as educated, because he knows the words and how to spell them. However, the Spelling Bee is not truly educated because the Spelling Bee is a self-taught master and not educated by another. The King has five royal advisors that roam the streets of Dictionopolis, the city where Milo visits with Tock. The five royal advisors can be seen as truly educated because they know a lot of words and they use them often. The five royal advisors show Milo that many words that are different can mean the same thing. Educating Milo in the market is the first sign that they have shown to be truly educated....
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