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Mickey Green March 24, 2008 Reading Reflection #3 In my personal opinion, I believe that college is like the City of Illusions. The City of Illusions is a mirage, and you see what you want to see. College is the same way as travelers see the City of Illusions. You go into college expecting it to be free and easy. Away from responsibilities, you feel that everything is alright and nothing can be hard. However, once you have seen what college life is all about, then you have hit the big wall of reality. The City of Illusions can seem like a great big pie in the sky. Unlike the City of Reality, which is faced paced and everyone wants to go everywhere as quickly as possible, the City of Illusions is slowed down, where everyone can go as they please without being forced to do something as quick as possible. College is like this way of life because at least everyone at college is trying to have a great time and not be rushed. However, there are points in time where time constraints
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Unformatted text preview: can be conflicting and the whole situation disappears before your eyes, like a mirage. College is a place where at certain times time can be tight or time can be relaxing and slow. The City of Illusions is like college because people can feel free to do whatever they please where there are no limitations on what there is to do. It seems that in the City of Illusions is a place where people like to stay relaxed and calm. There are no reasons why someone would want to be unhappy in the City of Illusions or college because there are no parents to tell you what to do, and there are no major responsibilities, except for the homework assigned. If the City of Illusions was exactly like college, there would not be many fun times. There would not be many fun times because the City of Illusions is a place where there is not much happening. Unlike in college, there are many times where there is time and place for a fun time....
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