Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise - Mickey Green msg Project#1 Part A...

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Mickey Green msg Project #1 Part A H180 Section 8480 For my project exercise, I plan to do a deep breathing exercise where I keep my concentration on my breathing and see if I can keep it steady and collect. In the beginning of the day, I felt relaxed and calm. However, as the day passed by I started to increase my breath rate because I was feeling more and more stressed. The difference in my breathing was also probably due to the amount of walking and stair climbing I did throughout the day. At first, the breathing exercise was hard because it was the first time that I was actually concentrating on my breathing. Soon thereafter, I started to feel that my concentration drifted away and that I did not need to focus much attention on my breathing. It was repetitive and I could do the exercise without thinking about my breathing. Throughout the day, I tried to remind myself to get back on the task of breathing the way the exercise told me to do. If I was out of line, I would calm down, remember what the exercise was, and try to fall back into the formation. I felt a little light-headed the first time I tried to do the breathing exercise for the first day. I hope that tomorrow will go a little better for me and the breathing exercise will get easier. This is day two of the breathing exercise. I awoke to find that I was going to be late for class. I remembered what the exercise was for the previous day. However, since I was being rushed by time, I
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course HPER-H 180 taught by Professor Peters during the Spring '08 term at Indiana.

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Deep Breathing Exercise - Mickey Green msg Project#1 Part A...

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