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Reading Reflection 4

Reading Reflection 4 - Mickey Green Reading Reflection#4 In...

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Mickey Green March 26, 2008 Reading Reflection #4 In the book, “The Phantom Tollbooth,” by Norton Juster, the passage from page 233-234, “But there’s so much to learn… secrets of tomorrow,” Milo learns that many things in life are useless but helpful. My college experience so far in this semester is similar to what this passage’s underlining message is. To me, the passage is saying that my goal in college is to absorb the information I am given, even if it is boring and useless, and take it in so that I may learn from it and use the knowledge I gained to better myself. My college experience so far this semester has given me tons of new knowledge that I will probably forget about when the year is over. I should be able to retain or keep the knowledge, either in notes or by periodically rereading the information. In several of my classes this semester, I have learned new information that I did not know. After thinking about the information, I came to realize that the information I learned was not useful to me.
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