Mythology Test 2 Vocab

Mythology Test 2 Vocab - Classical Mythology Vocabulary:...

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Look at pictures on these pages: 547-558, 394-397, 564-592, 600-614, 617-620, 621-650, 466-513, 40-54, 522-546 DANAE: Daughter of Acrisius, an oracle foretold that her son would kill her father so he shut her up in a brazen underground to keep her from having children. Zeus went to her in the form of a golden shower and they had a son, Perseus. After 4 years, Acrisius found the son and put him and Danae in a chest and set them afloat. They were resued by a fisherman, Dictys (means “net”), on the island of Seriphos. GILGAMESH: Mesopotamian hero linked to Hercules. LORD RAGLAM: scholar who created a list of events in the hero’s life PROPP: Russian scholar PERSEUS: Son of Zeus and Danae, said he could retrieve the head of Medusa for Polydectes, gets the head and presents it to Polydectes and his men, they all turn to stone. He accidentally killed Acrisius, became the king of Tiryns, and founded Mycenae, where he was honored as a hero. POLYDECTES: Brother of Dictys, king of Seriphos, fell in love with Danae (who refused him), turned to stone by the head of Medusa. GRAEAE: 3 sisters of the Gorgons who told Perseus the way to the nymphs, who possessed magical objects that he would need to get the head of Medusa. They shared one eye and a tooth, which they passed around to each other. GORGONS: 3 daughters of Phorcys and Ceto, so terrifying that if someone looked at them, they would turn to stone. Only Medusa was mortal and was beheaded by Perseus. MEDUSA: Only mortal Gorgon who was beheaded by Perseus. As she was beheaded, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang from her body. ANDROMEDA: Daughter of King Cepheus and his Queen, Cassiepea. To get rid of the sea-monster that was attacking the land, Andromeda must be offered to it, chained to a rock. Perseus killed the monster so he could marry Andromeda. They had a son, Perses and left him behind as heir to Cepheus’ kingdom. ACRISIUS: Son of Abas, twin brother of Proetus. He became the king of Argos and had one daughter, Danae. He locked her us so she would not have children because an oracle said that her son was going to kill him. Danae had a son, Perseus, with Zeus so Acrisius sent them away in a floating chest. They were rescued and Perseus accidentally killed Acrisius with a discus during athletic games in Larissa. ALCMENA: Daughter of Electryon, was taken by Amphitryon, who accidentally killed her father, to Thebes. She slept with Zeus, who disguised himself as Amphitryon, and also slept with Amphitryon himself and conceived 2 twin boys: Heracules, son of Zeus, and Iphicles, son of Amphityron. AMPHITRYON: Son of Alcaeus, brother of Anaxo, accidentally killed Almena’s father, Electryon, so he took her and went to Thebes. He and Alcmena had a son, Iphicles. NEMEAN LION:
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Mythology Test 2 Vocab - Classical Mythology Vocabulary:...

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